How can I decrease the distance between my main menu and the bottom of my header in Debut Theme?

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I'm linking a picture for a more clear reference of what I want to accomplish. I'm using Debut Theme, and I used the this guide for turning my main menu into a sticky menu. I want to reduce the distance from the main menu to the bottom of the header section in mobile and desktop. I don't know if the code for this is in the solution provided in the linked guide, or elsewhere in theme.css file or other. Can someone shed some light here? Thanks!


Screenshot of the space I want to reduce.







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Hi @Jose13 

Follow this:

1. Go to Online Store->Theme->Edit code
2. Asset->theme.scss->paste bellow code in bottom of file


.site-nav--centered { padding-bottom: 0; }
#PageContainer{padding-top: 184px !important;} @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { #PageContainer{padding-top: 115px !important;} }



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This seemed to work beautifully, thank you!