How can I give my navigation a background color?

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Hi All!


I'm hoping you can help  give my main header navigation a background color. When you click on my main nav links now, it just expands and the page names blend easily into my homepage banner. Can you help me get a white background so that the navigation pages don't blend in with my banner whenever they are clicked on?


Additionally, if possible, can you also advise me on how to make my navigation subpages look like this below? (a different website from mine). For example, if my customer hovers over Play, this screenshot is how the subpages appear:


Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 10.50.25 PM.png



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Hi @loudhouseshop,
We can help you with those tasks, if you send us an Email with your store URL (Like we will send you an invitation to your Shopify as a collaborator.

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