How can I hide shipping address

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I'm using the shipping fields for another purpose as intended by shopify (thanks to the language files).

the only thing is now I need to hide this section from the checkout and control you data page. I checked that the shipping is always the same as the billing address so the only thing I need to hide the div block with css. So it is there but not visible.

Extra info: I'm using the supply theme from shoppify

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With a standard Shopify subscription (not Plus) the only way you're going to be able to do it is by adding javascript code onto the google analytics section. There's no CSS access for the standard checkout. The only Shopify supported options  you have are those in the Theme customisations menu and in Settings/Checkout.

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I think there is a reason all these people asking if there is a way to remove "Shipping address" don't have shopify accounts anymore. 

Shopify Store: Is there a way to make my store more simple?
Shopify: No.
Shopify Customer: Why do I need to put in a shipping address for a local pick up?
Shopify: No.