How can I replace product image gifs with MP4 files on my homepage

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Hi there! I have a store that uses gifs as the product images on the products grid on the homepage. This has caused my page to slow down a lot and so I'm looking to replace these .gif files with MP4 files to keep load times down. I have uploaded the MP4 files to my Shopify media but am unsure how I could edit the HTML to allow an MP4 to loop, in place of a .gif on my product grid. 

I believe the change would have to be made in the products-card-grid.liquid but am unsure of the changes to make and where to show these mp4 files looping, instead of the current gifs

Please feel free to check out the site to see where these gifs are in use to get a better understanding of the request:


Thank you for taking the time to read through and offer advice on this. All the best,