How can I show customers what the maximum "Add to card" quantity is based on my in stock inventory?

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Hey there,

I'm setting up my first Online Shop and I'm curious if there is a way to display the customer the max quantity they can add to cart.
Because when the add more items to cart that there are in my inventory it shows something like "You can't add more (product name) to the cart."

So, the customer now was to manually try out how many he can actually add, which isn't very customer friendly.
But I haven't found out yet how to show him the my in-stock inventory amount, so that he at least must not try it out manually.

I would like to integrate something that helps the customer on the product page.
I'm using the Responsive Theme.

Thanks for your help


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Hi @livingfairy 

Yes this is possible with some code customizations,  you need to hire and need to send store staff access. 

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