How can I show original price vs current price in Supply theme

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Hi all,

I am a new joiner to Shopify and have a few questions regarding the theme. Hoping the community can provide some assistance on clearing it!

1. How can I show the original price next to the discounted price whenever the product is shown?(including home page, collection page, product page)

The second and third problem is related to the product page.

Screenshot 2020-08-13 at 2.52.04 PM.png

2. How can I expand all variants separately instead of having a scroll down menu?

3. How can I expand the width of "Add to cart" and the items below in order to match with the width below?

My page is // pw:gineushub

Really appreciate any friends here to help. 

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Considering your a newcomer, for 1) and 2) you'd need to have a Shopify developer in your store to help you out. These are a bit more complex customizations.

For 3), regarding button width:

1. In your Shopify Admin go to online store > themes > actions > edit code
2. Find Asset > theme.scss.liquid and paste this at the bottom of the file:


	width: 100% !important;


As a side note, you probably added an app or something to make the Add to Cart  button wiggle. This is adding A LOT of <style> tags onto your website making it extra slow. The slowest your website, the least conversions. Therefore, please, be careful with apps - often times they'll overkill your store with something that could be lightly coded with 1 line into your theme. Only add apps that you absolutely need. To find out whether you truly need an app A/B test it.


Kind regards,

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