How can I speed up my Website

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In my developing Store, My site speed is 2.5s

But when I migrate to live it speed in 9.10 sec


The issues are 

Leverage browser caching  Not Sure how to fix it

Combine images using CSS sprites - I have not added these image must be coming from any app

Defer parsing of JavaScript - 

Minify JavaScript - Those resources has not been added by me. They must be coming from App or Shopify

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I have been able to speed up my website by compressing my product images.

I used this website to do it:

It is a lengthy process depending on how many images you have. Maybe start with the images on your home screen?

Hope that possibly helps...

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Hi @vikasranjan 


I have run through your results and got to these conclusions about the issues.


1. The caching can be solved by using one of the caching apps, like PWA by AmpifyMe

2. These are definitely from an app. Contact the app developers to fix them, or uninstall the app if it doesn't bring you benefits.

3. Use defer or async attribute with JS to avoid render blocking of the first paint of the web page ( this can help )

4. The report is showing you how the optimized version should look like, but ask for a developer help with these if you are not sure you can do it yourself


In any case, fix two out of four for the start and the speed will increase