How can i add sections to a regular page?

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I noticed this was and old thread. I am wondering if there are any new updates that may allow this?

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Depending on what your wanting to do with it, I can build sections in to pages.  Costs would be dependent on what exactly you want done.  I tend to flat rate.

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Realized this is an old thread, but I just figured out a way that lets me use all the Shopify dynamic section features literally on any page.. I realize this has been advertised as only home page specific feature, but a quick few modification in theme code enable this feature for all pages.. Please contact me if you would like to setup your theme in such a way.. :) Happy to show a demo as well..

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@kartikbot wrote:

I realize this has been advertised as only home page specific feature

Currently for good reasons it is meant only for the homepage.

If you don't exercise moderation when customizing static-sections into dynamic-sections there will be slow boil problems , such as inconsistent design or site performance,  on the frontend & in backend editor.


Merchants and vendors should always consider alternatives first for what is actually needed and not a cool factor.

Wanting this customization often indicates either:

  1. Unwillingness to work on communication of the actual problem because this bandaid seems to be a cure.
  2. A lack of knowing exactly what's needed resulting in everyone who's not a designer wanting to be able to "play visually" with the design.

#1  Though it makes a healthier business convincing new merchants to go through discovery is a hard sell,   go to step #2

#2 can be sometimes be solved with using a free trial of a page builder app, then giving the "design" to an actual developer|designer to improve upon and

integrate into themes. This sidesteps alooooooot of problems and wheel spinning and is a bit healthier of a standard operating procedure when they dont have photoshop.


To customizers: obviously if a merchant wants the same homepage options on just 1 or 2 other pages that's no biggie. Because obviously the original developers spent a lot of time on that code and design for the /index ;  it's when you start chunking around design options for non-designer whims that long term problems creep into the system(code&design ) .


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Ok, thats fair! Its not much just adding sections to pages.

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How would I go about contacting you ? @kartikbot 

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Hi @Marcodemarco , you can reach me at :) 

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It would be great if you could just share your experience in this thread, since this is a community, it might benefit people looking for this.

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Hey everyone! I have posted this solution in another topic but there ya go I was looking for this as well and found a great tutorial that i've tried and works:


It doesn't need an expert to do it!

Go ahead and try it!

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Hey guys,


We would like to present quite unique approach to this problem. We too were really annoyed that sections could be only used for homepage and you need complex hacks to make it work on the other pages. So we came up with the Content Builder. Please check the screenshot below:




Those who are familiar with ACF for Wordpress, Statamic custom fields or CraftCMS know how great those systems are in terms of content managamenet.

Now you can have the same features in your Shopify store and you can build the content directly in the page view!


It's not just like sections in Shopify - you can build complex content system, extending default fields of the content types (example: you have only one image for collection? Now you can have slider - and edit it in collection's edit view, not in external apps!). Of course you can't configure Shopify sections by yourself - you need a developer to edit JSON scheme for it. Not anymore - in Content Builder, there is dedicated app to help you create all fieldsets with drag-and-drop blocks! Just like it should be in the beginning, just like it works in the most popular CMSes.

Can you use it only for pages? Of course not - you can activate it for articles, blogs, collections, customers, products, orders, whole shop - everything.


Because everything is saved in metafields, your developers can build your theme seamlessly like with sections. If you need it, you can hire us to develop theme for you - we know the best our system.


Content Builder is the app that is part of the Deus Platform - currently you can use 5 free amazing apps that are available (Out of Stock Manager, Pre-Orders, Low Stock Watcher, Zero Stock to Hide, Metafield Editor - worth at least $85/month if you wanted to download alternative apps from Shopify App Store).

All apps on our platform have no limits - there is no restriction to Shopify account type, no limits in calls, no limits in size of databases, no limits in requests, etc.


And here are the great news. Content Builder is the first app for Deus Pro - premium version of Deus, tens of apps worth hundreds of dollars per month on one platform for a small fee. However, in our free plan you have 5 + 1 option. It means - you can use not only 5 apps that we mentioned earlier but also one of the app from the Pro version for free! Yep, you can have this Content Builder for free. Without limits. Forever.


Read more about our platform here: and if you are interested, please contact as at - we will implement our platform in your store.




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