How can i add sections to a regular page?

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You can easily do that via this app: It's called PlusPage and listed in Shopify Store. They have also documents and tutorials here:

Here is a specific tutorial related to your use case:

Also, here is a video link of the app:

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Sections Anywhere is the only app that puts homepage sections on any page.   With Shogun and other page content builders, you don't get homepage sections.  As a result, the content will often look a little off, like it wasn't made for your theme.


Disclaimer:  I am the developer of Sections Anywhere.


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Sections pro is an application that helps you quickly add the available sections on your themes to product pages, collection pages, single pages, etc.

Also, It has pro settings so you can have more options to display.


Install app here

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Hello everyone!


Content Builder is finally ready! Open element (product, page, article, customer, etc.) in the app and you can edit content like Wordpress ACF, Statamic, Craft or like Shopify sections on homepage.


You can download it from Github here:


This app works on the Sellfino - Open Source Shopify App Store - it's free platform and you can download it also from GitHub here:



Custom sections everywhere, custom fields everywhere.


If you have any questions - please write email to:

or join Discord channel here:

or drop me a message on Messanger:





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Im also new to shopify and moved across from another website bulder because they were not compatible with Afterpay. I'm truly annoyed because I cannot do anything expect add text, picture and a idea to my page. I can link to outside pages, however I can't even add a simple link to one of the websites own pages. Did you find any solutions?

I've just spent over a week creating the new website and also found that I can only use special features on the home page.

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This post is over 2 years old and the issue seems to be still that the home page is the only page you can add sections