How can i add sections to a regular page?

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I'm new with shopify and try to customize the debut theme.
I love the section-elements i can add at the Home page. But i want to add another page like the Home page, to tell more about the concept of my store. And i want to add section-elements. I found no way to do this. The other pages look this topic-window. So is it possible to add the section-elements to a second page like the Home page?
Thanks, Patrick

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Shopify Staff
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Hi Patrick!

Liam here from Shopify - thank you for your question :)


Glad to hear you are finding the sections feature on the home pages helpful. This is actually a pretty new feature that we rolled out recently and right now it is only possible to move sections around on the home page. This could change in the future and it's great to hear your feedback here. 


It would be possible however to get this effect on other parts of your site if you used a page creation app like Shogun or Page Studio. These apps will give you the ability to create very customisable pages which would appear anywhere on your site and you would be able to drag and drop sections around the pages.


Hope this helps Patrick, if you have any other questions, just let me know!


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Thank you so much, @Liam Griffin

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@Patrick Freund

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Here is an example of how to add a section to a page to add custom content like text, images,custom HTML, Collections, products, or Videos.


Hi Patrick,

Shogun or PageStudio are great Shopify apps for building the pages. However, I'd like to add one more option from my team called PageFly. Our app has passed 02 rounds of review and close to the official publication on the App store. If you are interested to try for free just visit PageFly details page.

When you create pages with PageFly all pages created from your account is automatically synced to your store. So you keep all pages and re-use that page template for building other pages as well.

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I have to be completely honest and say that I am pretty cheesed off right now!

I am a new user and have purchased a premium template for $180 just to find that only the front page of the template exists. There seems to be no way to replicate the parallax scrolling and sections effects on pages without spending more money on apps or paying a fortune for a programmer.

All of the tutorial videos show template pages, but they do not exist.

I am told that the premium template is non refundable.

Has Shopify just ripped me off or am seriously missing something?

I'm sorry if this sounds like a rant but I'm trying to run a business and have spent two days getting nowhere.

Please help!

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Shopify Staff
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Hi Sean,

Liam here from Shopify - thank you for your question. I totally understand how this situation would not be ideal, so let's see how we can get this theme working for you. 

If there is a feature displayed on a video, that you are having trouble with, can you link that video here and we can take a look at how this can be activated on your theme? 

With the Parallax Theme, there is a range of different customize options within the theme customizer. For example, on the product page, it is possible to add custom content such as Text, Menu, and Page to a sidebar, and move these blocks vertically. You can see this here. 

On all Shopify themes, paid or free, the drag and drop sections feature will only work on the home or index page. It is still possible to customise regular content pages, or product pages, but the "Add new section" option will only appear on the homepage. This applies to all themes, but a workaround is available by using an app like Shogun, which was linked above in this thread.

I hope this helps Sean, if you link the video where you are seeing a missing feature, then we can look into getting this up and running for you.

Liam | Partner Education

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Thank you for your reply Liam.

I can see the functionality for the home page and the product pages. My issue is that the template was supposed to have several pages in it with images, parallax scrolling, etc on almost every page. The idea being that I can edit the template with my own images and text as the video in my previous comment shows.

What I have is a home page and that is it.

I have edited my home page in part, but have stopped working on it as I will not be able to complete my whole website as desired as adding a page seems to require me to be able to code in order to get what the template advertised.

I thought I was buying a template website, not a template home page. 

Have I missed something?

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi again Sean,

Thanks for your reply and for forwarding me on a link to your store. I think the issue here is that you currently have not created any pages on the Shopify admin, or perhaps they are not added to your menu navigation. Once you have created a page on the admin, and it's added to the navigation, you will be able to customise it from the theme editor. 

These steps will show you how to create a page, while these steps will show you how to add this page to the menu navigation. Then you should like a link to these pages appearing here:

Once links are added, you can go back to the theme customizer and when you navigate to the pages, you will find a range of options to personalize the page. 

Is this solving your issue? 




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I have now created pages and the template that I paid good money for still is not there. I have to build it myself using the rich text editor but there is no facility to have the parallax scrolling that I can see.

I thought the whole point of buying a template that advertises itself as a full template that I can just change the images and text to my own would be just that. I did not expect to get an empty template that I have to build from the ground up with absolutely no help on how to recreate the template I chose.