How customise the ajax cart

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Is it easy/possible to customise (slightly) the ajax Cart page?

Background to the issue:

When clicking the 'Add to Cart' button, old Shopify themes  (e.g. Radiance) used to display a 'Continue shopping or go to Cart' button.
Nowadays shopify themes seem to like to (interupt the buying process!) by going straight to the Cart - where many visitors will just buy the product, without going back to buy more.

The latest themes seem to give the options of:
'Page' - which goes to the Cart
'Modal' - which goes to a modal cart page - i.e. with the cart in front of the original page in the background.
'drawer' - which makes the original page slide down the screen, leaing th Cart at the top inview.

We would prefer the old out of favour 'Continue shopping or go to Cart' button, without the ajax cart.
next in preference would be the modal - with the addition of a 'Continue Shopping' button *
'page' and 'drawer' are not favoured.

We are using currently the Supply theme.
a) is it easy to implement a 'Continue shopping or go to Cart' button, without ajax cart?
b) is it easy/possible to customize ajax-cart-template.liquid to add a 'Continue Shopping' button and to return to the original page?

* We are aware that the modal cart window has an 'X' top right - which closes it, but an inexperienced visitor may not notice it.

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This is an accepted solution.

We found a solution here:
but had to change the cart customisation from 'modal' to 'page'

And on the Cart page (i.e. cart.liquid) we were able to add 'Continue Shopping' button with this solution:
but note that in the Supply theme the class to change is "btn-secondary" not the example class given "btn--secondary" (i.e. with one hyphen rather than two)