How do I Add Blog Posts on a Blog (Venture Theme)?

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I'm trying to add multiple, individual, posts to my blog. I tried to follow the instructions here but I get stuck on step 2 which says, "Click Add Blog Post". When I go to my "Blog Posts" option under "Online Store". The option I have says, "Add Blog". However, I'm not trying to add an entirely new blog. I just want daily articles posted under the existing one. How can I add a blog post to my existing blog instead of just creating a new blog every time I write an article? And how can I ensure they all show up on my "Blog" page when I publish them? I wrote two blogs and published both, but it appears they are actually two separate blogs and not 2 separate articles under the same blog.

I'm using the free "Venture" theme, if that helps.



Hi @Raddical


The term blog and blog post are separated. Blog posts are contained under the blog. You can decide which blog the article will be in by choosing the option as the image attached




You can add more blogs to your store by click Manage Blogs. You can create more like Daily News, Promotion News, etc. See image attached




Hope you find this helpful 

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