How do I add Category list on Collection Pages?

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I downloaded the "Uncomplicated Categories" application to add category lists to my collection pages.


Here are the instructions given:

Deployment status: Looks like your current theme may not be setup to include the category tree, jump-to list or category breadcrumb.

How to install Categories Uncomplicated in your theme

Step 1

Open up your current theme in the Shopify Admin interface.

Step 2

Select the appropriate liquid file for your theme, sometimes collection.liquid, for editing.

Step 3

Paste the single line of code below into the place in your document where you'd like to show a category list.

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catlist' %}

Step 4

Preview and save your changes, then look at your live site.

Step 5 (optional)

Optionally add the jump-to box into your header

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catselect' %}

Change out the breadcrumb for a category-aware breadcrumb

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.catbread' %}

Show sub-category icons at the top of your collection pages

{% include 'uncomplicated.categories.caticons' %}


How do I add this code into the Debut Theme?
Or how can I add category lists to collection pages?

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Hey, Matthew!

I'm Lizzy, one of the Gurus on the support team at Shopify.

I found this video from Categories Uncomplicated which walks you through installation of the app. The screencast here is using a slightly older version of the Shopify admin, so I've also included some instructions below to help find the areas you're looking for. 

First of all, to get to the code editor you'll want to go to Online Store>Themes>Actions(on the theme you'd like to edit)>Edit Code. Once you're in the editor you'll see several folders on the left hand side. In Debut, the file you're looking for is called collection-template.liquid and it is located inside the Sections folder. 

Now that you've found the correct file you'll just need to choose where you'd like to paste the snippet from the app's instructions. You can play around with the placement to make sure that you've added it into the correct place. There is a preview option at the top of the page that will update when you save changes to show you what your edits are adjusting.

Before making any changes to the theme code I always like to suggest duplicating your theme. You can do this by going to Online Store>Actions>Duplicate. Just in case.

From watching the video I linked above, it looks like there are a few more steps to completing the set up of the app. Following those should get the categories appearing for you. The developers of this app offer support, and their contact information is available on their app page. If after watching the video the app still isn't functioning as expected, they would be the best team to help you get it up and running.

Let me know if that helps get you started and please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have about what I've said.

Thank you, 

Lizzy | Social Care @ Shopify
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