How do I add an image to page link in a collection list page?

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I'm trying to find a good solution to the lack of subcollections in that I want people to be able to choose from several product types (Cards, Coasters, Books, etc) in my store but then be able to break some of the larger catergories down further (for example Cards would get broken down into different styles, collections, or holidays).

I thought I could do this by creating collection pages with link lists then link some to a collection while others link to a new collections page. This works fairly well as you can see here:, the Cards category takes you to a new page of collections. However, I cannot figure out how to get an image to show up for the Cards since it is linked to a page not a collection (although the collection "Cards" does also exist), or how to get it to show how many products there are in the collection.

I'm thinking there might be away to add code to the collection.loop.liquid to get it to do something to look at the page as a collection as far as populating the image and the product count but still link it to the page. But I'm not familiar enough with liquid programming to figure it out.

Let me know if anyone has any thoughts or if I can provide additional infomation that might help you understand the problem I'm having.


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Has anyone found a solution for this?