How do I amend variant text under products in Minimal theme

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I have created variants for a rental store for each product that is listed. For ex product price is say INR 2655 with variants being rental term for 1M, 3M, 6M, 12 M and each has a different price depending on the rental term. The "compare at" price for each variant is set at INR 2655 which is product price. 

Separately I have listed out a security deposit that is unique to each product under product text description. I was looking for help on two parts: 

1) Currently under collections, the products display the 1st variant pricing (i.e. 1M rental price) and compare it with the full product price. I want the text to be customised to read "starting INR 250 per month" instead of the current "From INR 250". How should I make this change. 

2) Is there a way to automatically include product security deposit into the cart once a particular product is chosen. 

The preview link for the site is

Many thanks for helping out!