How do I create a template so that each blog post has a few pictures in it

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I have limited coding knowledge but want my blog posts to be a bit better designed that the standard offered on my template.  Nothing fancy, just an alternative template to make blogs more interesting with a few pictures with text wrapped around them.


I have started by creating the new template (see below for the basics I have)  but now I don't know what to put in it.  I know this is really basic but I'm trying!!!!! Thanks :)


{% comment %}
The contents of the blog.liquid template can be found in /sections/blog-template.liquid
{% endcomment %}

{% section 'blog-template' %}

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Hi Arthur

The theme is Minimal

Here's a link to the store

And here is one of my basic blog posts

I know I have a long way to go !!


In terms of what I want, I just want a template which is just less basic than my current one. One where I can upload multiple pictures 

Thanks for coming back to me so quickly, I really appreciate it

Bets wishes