How do I make my Variants "smarter"? Some selections seem unavailable, how do I make them clickable?

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Hey everyone,

I have an issue with the way my variant selectors work.

Here's the test product:

You'll see that there are two different variant options with a few variants in each option. But, not all variants can be combined with one another.

If you select the "Cable Length" of "12-Foot", now the option to select the "Right Angle to Straight" Connector. If you do that, then the 3-foot and 6-foot options are no longer available to choose. 

What I want to achieve, is that if you were to click on "3-foot" , I wish the page would actually allow the 3-foot selection, and automatically grey out the "Right Angle to Straight" option.

Like the page would be smart enough to know that the customer is looking for a specific cable selection. So allow them to choose whatever cable length they'd like. And then make it clear that only certain variables are available in the second variant option.

I feel like I might be having a little bit of trouble explaining this exactly the right way. So please feel free to ask any follow-up question if you think this is something you might be able to help me understand.

I appreciate your time in advance. This one has me scratching my head!

Thnaks! D