How do I remove some unwanted elements?

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We are using Ss-sportstore-home4 for our theme and I am experiencing some difficulties when it comes to customizing.

First, I couldn't find where to go to change the banner on my products page. When I click on the header it says this:


This is how my product page banner is right now:



Second, I am trying to remove the phone number from the top of our page but even after I remove it from the settings, there's still a Phone Icon left. What can I do to fix this?



Next, is that I have changed column 4 settings to say HOODIES but it still says DAD HATS. How do we fix this part?




Next is, I want to get rid of the other buttons but there's no option to do so. Can anyone help me please? 




Last is, I have already put the link to our Instagram account but whenever I click the button it still routes to our homepage. Badly need help!

I only work as an assistant and am not very big on coding so I really don't know what to do anymore.

Thank you so much!