How do i add additional pictures of my product in the product page?

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So as per my requirement i have this stuff

Section 1. There is a product display where i show products and product variant's images.

Section 2. There is a section where the product (i.e) watch on my case. I should display few images where people are wearing watches on their hand.

So i somehow did it but i dont think this would work for all products

Currently i am inserting all the images on my product images from the backend and then on the Section 1. I show 4images using forloop.last and forloop.index and i eliminate all other images and then i display only 4 images on the images on the Section 1.

On Section 2. i show the images from number 4 or 5th index and show all the images there

But this seems like a very bad approach to me

Can you guys give me some suggestions so i can get wokring on it

Here is my Product Page's site: 

Product Page

 The top one is Section 1 

and See it styled is Section 2




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Hi @SubitTimalsina 

If you want to show different image on all product then you have to use product metafield for that.

You can add extra images (url) in each product wise and then get this url and show on page where you want.

Note: For that you need metafiled editor app, here is free app link

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