How do i display each product variation as a separate product in my collection without having to add it as a new product?

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Is there a way to do this? I find that when I create a product with 4 color variations I have to then create a new product for each variation for it to display under the collection. I search the forum but can't seem to find anything

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Yes that is a more complex thing to do to have it seperate all variants on the collection page.  You may need to hire and expert to help you customize your collections.liquid template to output your products in that manner. 

One other solution is to use the app Findify which does this, however if only in the search results unless you sign up for their enterprise package.   This app is the only app I have seen that does this correctly.

If there are other ways that I am not seeing please someone chime in :)

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FYI, Ultimate Filter & Search can display variants as separate products on both Collection and Search results page. Demo store: