How do you edit code so that buttons align and images in classic view are a specific size?

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I'm hoping someone can help me with this apparently common problem.  I have looked online as to how to align buy buttons properly on my site - I have a Wordpress site that I'm incorporating them into - and, while the <div align= "center"> option has shown up a few times, there is no accounting for the fact that there is already a lot of <div info at the beginning of the code so how do we incorporate it properly? I have been creating columns and such to compensate so it doesn't look too lopsided but it should be an easy enough fix.

Also, it seems that, when we use a classic button view that adds a product image, it seems to be in random sizes and I'm not sure how to adjust it so they are the same. I see reference to 601 px a couple of times in the code but changing that doesn't seem to make a difference.


Any assistance or insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!