How find where a liquid file is 'called from'

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I'm updating a shop currently running on an old theme ( Radiance from 2012 - or before;) by a previous developer.


I've transferred all the theme to a test site.

There is one liquid file - named:  "collection.collection.alternateTestTemplate.liquid"

which is invoked  (because, if I change it, I can see the change having effect).


But I can't find what is calling the file ;(


I've installed the chrome app:  Shopify Theme Search by Bold and search for e.g. 'alternateTest', but it doesn't  find a reference.


The file seems to be based on 'collection.liquid' - and it seems that either 'collect.liquid' or 'collection.collection.alternateTest.liquid' is called depending on product type - I've only determined this by trial&error.


Anyone got any suggestions as to how I can find where it's called from.

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It could be a collection template that was manually setup for some of the collections in the Shopify Admin. This information is not saved as part of the theme.

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Thanks for you comment, but as I tried to say, it's actually part of the working shop, as I can detect by changing the file and seeing the result.


My original conclusion was that the two files were invoke by an If statement on  'product_type. But I suspect now that it's by 'Collection' (the two are synomous in this shop.


i.e.   On the front page there is a grid of all the collections.

When I click on some of the collections - I get the usual collection.products route - displaying a product_grid.

When I click on two of the collections - the process routes to the 'collection.collectionalternateTestTemplate - whic displays a different product grid.


But I still  haven't found where this code is.





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After typing in the above ....  I suddenly realised, that if the process was determined by 'Collection' - it might be found in the settings of the collection(s).


...And that's where I've just found itcapture.jpg