How to Add Lightbox without an App

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Hi everyone,

I want to add lightbox popups to my store, but I don't want to use an app for that. Too many apps are just causing my website to slow down, and I've already tried 4 different apps. 

I have no coding knowledge either, so is there a simple way to add a lightbox to the cart page and product pages? I want to cross-sell/upsell my products or promote a sales campaign.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

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Hello @Erica00 !


You can add lightbox without app by using a tool popup smart this will not affect your store speed.


Sign up to Popupsmart

Set up Popupsmart

Create your first popup campaign

Select a template and customize it

Set up your Shopify lightbox’s display options

Integrate with your email service provide

Once you successfully sign up to Popupsmart, go to your dashboard and click on the Your Embed Code button from the top right.


Copy the given embeded code and head on to your Shopify admin panel.


Go to Online Store and then select Themes. Click on the Actions button of your live theme



Select Edit Code from the dropdown menu


Type “Theme.liquid” in the search box and then click on the result



Paste the Popupsmart code between your


Save the changes before you close the code editor.


Now you are ready to create your popup


After that you can sign in to your PopSmart website create your first campaign select the lightbox template customize accordingly and setup your lightbox display option in Shopify


Hope this helps!




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This is an accepted solution.

What DigitalArtisans said. I recommend using Popupsmart. This way you won’t need an app. It’s a no-code and lightweight popup builder with modern popup designs. I use it on my site and it loads faster than with other popup apps.

Also, I found their articles that might help: