How to Delete Previously Used Tags (Applied Tags) in Product Page

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Hello Everyone,


here is the headache thing -  I use tags for navigation in my sidebar. Let say, if I want products to be divided by gender into "Men" and "Women", I simply add tag Men or Women into Product Admin Page and voila, magic happens. 

But here comes the problem, I previously used the tag "men". But when I type " Men" it automatically rewrites into "men". 

The PROBLEM is that my theme sees "men" and " Men" as two different words. Is there any way how can I delete one tag or even all tags from  "Applied Tags" history, because this tiny little thing is ruining my eCommerce life and I would like to solve it ASAP.


Big thanks everyone for helping me,


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Hey, Patrik! 

Trevor the Guru here! 

To fully delete a tag it needs to be removed completely from every product. If you head to your products section of the admin, you'll notice a small white square box with a down arrow. If you click on this to select all products on the page, then click on "Select all 50+ products in my store" which should be to the right of that box. 

Once you've selected all 50+ products, then you can click on the down arrow next to "Edit Products". In the drop down you'll want to select "Remove Tags". With this option, you can select the "men" tag that is causing issues and have it removed from every product in your store. 

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 support via phones or chats! 

All the best, 

Trevor M

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Did this 2x. Didn't work. Please help... :(