How to Display Items as "Not Available"

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I am opening my store soon and want to show a preview of coming soon products without making them available for purchase. How do I edit the product to say something like "Coming Soon" or "Not Yet Available" and unavailable for sale - I would like these products to still show on the website catalog, preferably with a thumbnail.

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Hi @faa_garden 


Which theme you are using? You can change Add to cart button to something like "Coming Soon" textbox in your theme product template file. 

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You can comment out the add to cart, and add a new button with the Coming Soon text. This new button can have the same styling as the add to cart button if you wished it to appear identical. The safest way is to make a copy of your product template and collection templates, name them differently, make the changes to new templates and apply them to the desired collection and/or products - this way you can revert their templates whenever you are ready to start selling.


Overall, you will need to modify the product-template and the collection template. 

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