How to Hide Price only for check payment not for prices of paypal/credit card

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Dear community,


I would like your help for my shopify store. What i am looking for is to hide the price of my product until logged in but only for the check option. Currently in my minimal theme the price shown is only for paypal credit card. Please see below for more description:


If you go on a website and click a product you will see for example how a laptop may cost 100, but i want there be another button that shows price if paid by check for 97 only once they log in, the 100 price i still want it to be shown to everyone. In other words there will be a different price for a product based on checkout method. User side - The user will now have the choice to check out and pay based on the method they chose. There will be a price shown for a laptop at 100 which is for regular methods of cc etc, and then next to it it says Check Price but the price is HIDDEN, the user has to log in, then they would be able to to see the check price. After this they can checkout with this payment, where they have the enter their information which is already set up when they log in and sign up. A confirmation page will then be shown and a copy emailed to them. Checkout Page: “Thank you for your order - _______ of title -___________ Please make check out to ParadimeCoins LLC for _____ . We recommend shipping via tracking method and priority to ensure a smooth transaction etc etc. And thats it.


Now on the Back end side I want to have the ability to show check price or not, to show the regular payment method or not. Sometime I only want to have check price shown without regular paypal/credit card method or want to show both but check price always hidden until logged in, so this needs to be into theme to determine when to hide which open. This is for shopify so html code. Seriously need some help and would send a generous payment of gratitude to the person or persons that are able to complete.