How to Hide Quick Add Button on Specific Products for Expanse Theme?

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Hello I'm looking for a guide or suggestions to help me remove or hide the new quick add feature on select products? I was thinking about tagging these products and somehow hiding the products within the code, but I'm not a expert. Any help would be super helpful. My store is

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Hello @captainknotts ,

You can use tag code in this way:

// Here shw_btn is a 'tag' and you can change it a/to your need.
{% if product.tags contains "shw_btn" %}
  // Your button existing code
{% endif %}

We don't have access of this theme so I suggest go with developer to implement it or check theme files manually and search for button code. Once you find it then wrap it it above code.


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@captainknotts ,

You can also create an alternate template ( should be possible from theme editor in new OS2.0) and change the settings for buy now button and assign this new template to the specific product

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