How to Sort By available variants and hide only completely out of stock products

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Hi, we sell products that are in-stock (or Ready to Ship, as we refer to them) and accept pre-sales on products that are currently out of stock. For this reason, we display and permit purchases to be made on products that have an inventory of 0.

If a client has a rush project then they're only interested in viewing what we have in-stock. I've tried several attempts at coding this to the Sort By function. I would like to display products that have one or more variants in-stock and hides products only when all variants of that product have 0 inventory, but I've failed miserably. Can anybody suggest how they would go about adding this to the Sort By functionality? Thank you in advance.

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please check our new app Nada -

The app is automatically sorting collections in real-time, so the sold-out products are always at the end of collection.




Martin Zima