How to add a hyperlink to this image on narrative theme?

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Hello everyone, i hope you are good and safe from the COVID !

I am building my shop, and there is something I would like to change but can't find the solution anywhere so I hope i could find some help here !

I am using the narrative theme, and at the bottom of my page, there's an image that i would like to link with the url of my product page, just in case the customer would like to click on it and see more details about it (because the bottom section is for a quick buy)

Unfortunately, customizing this part only allows me to put the image but no hyperlink, I was looking on the theme code hoping that i could find an answer but nothing, I don't know anything about coding anyway...

Could you guys give me a hand on it please? My website is just scroll at the bottom you will find it.

And another question while i'm here you might know the answer too, in my product page ( at the bottom there are few images displayed but I don't want them here as it takes too much space and would like to keep the scrolling feature when you click on the first image shown. Any idea how I can manage to do that as well?

I'm sorry it's a lot to ask and i really appreciate your help on this case !!

Thank you so much you guys are amazing

Have a lovely day

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Hey there @richiexo,

Welcome to the Shopify community.

For the first part, post the code for the featured-product.liquid file (in sections folder)

For the second part, Add the following code to your theme.scss.liquid file to remove the images at the bottom.

.template-product .product__submedia-list--r1 {
display: none !important;


Hope it helps.

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Alright we will see