How to add a third and fourth filter to symmetry theme?

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Currently the symmetry theme only allows you to easily add two filters to your collections page. Can anyone help me or guide me on how to add a third and fourth? My store is and password is mexico. 



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Hi @jessitowers,


I really admire your truly lofty business objectives. I have gone through your product filtering to review the user experience. There might be some things you should consider.


1. Use dynamic product filtering

It means that other filter options dynamically adjust based on user selection. When users select Mug, the filter option Size should disappear. The filter option Color should be associated with the Mugs as choosing White or Yellow will returns no results.


2. Allow users to select multiple filter values

Mutually exclusive filter values have a terrible impact on user experience as it limits the user's interest and increases user interaction cost. Customers will be forced to select only one filter value at a time and have to go back and forth to apply different filtering values individual. For example I can apply both size S and XS at the same time.


3. Display product count for each filter value

You can enhance the user experience for classification product filters by including the number of matching items in each value. By displaying product count by attribute, you can inform your customers how many products each filter contains so that they can adjust their filtering for more results. For example I choose Polo Shirt and size XS but there are no products matching.


For better site search and product filtering, you could try Ultimate search and filter. We are happy to help you set up a smooth user discovery experience so that your business could Be Strong.

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Hi @jessitowers ,


I had the same question as well! As far as I know this is the only listing about this problem out there.

I checked your website out (awesome job btw!) and noticed that this issue was solved. Can you tell me what you did? It would do me a solid!