How to add class to image tag?

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Hey, does anyone know of a way to add a class "Lazyload" to my Shopify tag, I was reading an article of deferring offscreen image written by Punit Sethi. The link is


I was got stuck in point #3,  

"Change the image tags in your theme by adding class “lazyload” to the image tags and changing the src attribute to data-src attribute" I don't know where I can add this code to my theme. I will be appreciated if someone could help me with this. Thank you 





You should have developer skills for this task.


Link JS code at <head> tag, usually @ layout/theme.liquid file

Image tag depends of you theme, check templates/collection.liquid and templates/product.liquid files to find out how your theme generate img tag.


You can use online editor at Online store -> Themes -> Action -> Edit code


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