How to add contact information on footer on Narrative Theme. For Google Shopping Policy

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Hey, how can I add my contact info to the footer section? This is for Google Shopping Policy. I'm not comfortable adding code to my theme. I need some one's help to add it to me. I will send you my contact information


Hi @SimonSkin,


In the footer section, you can add a footer menu, which you can find in Shopify Admin > Online Store > Navigation.



You can add a menu item named "Contact Us" and link to the contact us page. This way doesn't require coding or third-party app. 


I personally prefer creating a separate contact us page rather than including just the contact information. Because if you implement the page correctly, it can benefit your SEO and drive organic traffic.


You can take a look at this tutorial about how to build a contact us page. There's a video series, which is easy for beginner to follow.

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