How to add drop down menu in Brooklyn theme

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Hey everyone. I'm currently re designing my store but ran into a road block.

I currently use the Brooklyn theme from the theme store but i'm stuck on how to add a drop down menu page at the top of the screen. Example something like COLOR-Purple-Blue-Pink-Green and then it takes me to those Purple, Blue, Pink, Green collection. I'm stuck!

Any help would be great.




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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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This is Breann from Shopify

To add a drop down follow these instructions:

  • Head to Online Store
  • Select Navigation
  • Click 'Edit Menu' to the right of Main Menu
  • Add Menu Item
  • Title the Menu Item the name that you want to show on the main menu
  • Save
  • Head back to Navigation
  • Click Add Menu
  • Have the Menu Name and Handle be the exact same as the button you just added
  • Add Menu Item
  • Add a menu item for each button you would like in your drop down
  • The Name is what will show up on the site, the Link is the link type, and a third column appears that lets you select the exact link

And that should add a drop down to your Menu! To see this with photos, check out our instructions here

If you have any other questions please let me know,

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This doesn't seem to be possible in the same way anymore. Is there a new way to do this? I want to have a menu for sizes. The main menu title would be "shop by size" and when that is clicked, a drop down menu with all sizes listed should appear. 

I tried the steps you provided, but I'm unable to add a menu item without linking it to something, and linking it to another menu is not possible, although that would have been amazing! 

Thank you!