How to add multiple collections to a page for debitify 2.0 theme

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Hi Everyone,

I am currently having issues with creating my store. 

When someone clicks 'Shop now', this is where the website takes them:



I like how the customer can choose the collection that they would like to shop, however this looks very unprofessional. Therefore, I am looking to find out how to add images to this page for each product collection, so that it looks something like our home page as shown below:



Please could someone help me with this. I am using the debuitify 2.0 theme if that's important to know. 

The website preview link is

Thanks for your time


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Hi @tombasey

Can you please let me know what do you want to add to this module (on the homepage) to the product page or the category page?

So I can check and give you the best solution in this case.

Feel free to add me as a staff. I'll check it for you.

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