How to add text under images in logo list

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I am wanting to have a list of categories, with each category having an icon with text under it (so I may have an icon with a wheel and it says 'Wheels' underneath). I want both the image/icon and text to be linkable so that people can click anywhere on the icon or text to go to the desired page. The closest I have got to this is using the Logo List which allows me to upload an image and then link it to any page however, I cannot add a title under the icons. I have tried to add it in but I'm still fairly new to HTML. The only other option I have is to include the text as part of the image but this is far from the ideal solution. 

Any help on how to add the text into the Logo List section and also make it linkable would be greatly apricated. Or if you know a different and/or better way to do this then I'd be open to a different solution.

Thank you. 

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Can you please share the URL if possible.