How to add the smae simple text to every product page?

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I have tried endlessly and need your guys help. 

I would like to add some text to my product pages / product template, I would like it to be the same on every product page and every new product page created, so guess thats adjusting the template. 


My theme is Debut. Please if you need any more info to help let me know.

In the lovely drawn burgundy box on the bellow screenshot is exactly where I need the text to be. 


Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 10.25.22 PM.png

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Follow this:

1. Section ->product-template.liquid

find product-single__photos class and add your text at end of this div


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Check my steps in the following video, to see how to add the text under the main image and style it as well.

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Wow! Thank you, I did it! 


You knew exactly what I meant and the video was so helpful, I watched it a paused it so many times and typed the exactly the same codes. 


Coding is quite amazing you can really make anything you want if you understand it. 


Thank you!! 

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