How to change accent text size on theme Venture?

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Hi guys, I need help to change the accent text font size on my store but unable to do it in the customization/typography section. 

Fonts size that I need to change :

1. Sliders header

2. Drop down menu (collection title)

3. Collection title on my homepage

4. Product name 

All of these are preset in the typography section which shares the same font size and font type. The font size appears too big & I hope to make it smaller to fit nicely with the rest of the words. 


My store is 

Please help! Thank you.

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Theme - Customize - Theme Settings - Typography on the top change font


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same question. how do we change the font size of the accent text? the names of my collections in the homepage are way too big. there no options to change it in the Typography section from the Theme settings. Help?

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hi guys,

I have the same problem also. Is there a way to make the accent in body text to make font size smaller.

Any suggestions is highly appreciated. Thanks.