How to change font color in checkout button

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Hi May,


Along these lines, is it possible to make the "Checkout" button a different color than the two buttons next to it? It seems that would help them identify the "forward" button a little easier and boost conversion rate. 

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@Ethan_Gui wrote:

Hi Leon, I understand the system is changing the text color to a higher contrast color due to the selection of the button color. However, our branding guide requires us to use a white label on our brand colored button. However, I could not find a way to accomplish it. Please advise!

If your company's creative director is willing to bend the branding guidelines a bit, you can darken the color a bit until the text turns white. Something like #71b0f1 would work. You can start there and keep adjusting the brightness until you reach the hex value closest to the one in your branding guidelines (while still keeping the text white).

Yes, it's not the exact hex required by your guidelines, but it's close enough and it still manages to keep the text white. It would be hard for customers to tell the difference unless they look for it.

This will only apply on the checkout pages. In the rest of your website, your original brand colors can be used easily.

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You're welcome, and thank you too! :)
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