How to change the color of header in Minimal Design from "Image with text"

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I'd love for the title of the books on my homepage to be in the Navy color that you see on the other headers. How do I go about doing that?


For example,  "Subscribe" and "A relatable, funny board book..." are in navy, but as you can see the titles of each book are still in gray.

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This is an accepted solution.

Hello There,

1.In your Shopify Admin go to online store > themes > actions > edit code
2.Find Asset >theme.scss.css and paste this at the bottom of the file:

.feature-row h2 {
color: #1f4258;
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This is an accepted solution.

hello @katquinn3101 

please Go to Online Store->Theme->Edit code then go to assets/theme.css ->paste below code at the bottom of the file.

.feature-row h2 {
color: #1f4258;


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