How to continue displaying Price when a product is Sold Out?

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When inventory drops to zero, "Sold Out" replaces the price on our products. We have a "Back In Stock" app to allow customers to leave their email addresses to receive a notification however many are emailing us asking what the price is.

Is there a way to display both the Price and Sold Out when inventory is zero? 

And honestly, why would you want to remove the price in the first place?

Our current setup is Parallax Theme from OutoftheSandbox (has a built in "Back In Stock" form that is displayed when items are out of stock however it is not automatic. Hence we use an actual app called "Back In Stock" so that customers can be automatically notified when an item is back in stock). 





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Michael - did you ever figure out how to do this? I use the same theme and would like the price to be visible for the Out of Stock items.