How to create swatches for non-color variant?

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Is it possible to create swatches for products without using the word "color" to describe the variant? I'm running the responsive theme.

For example, I've got this ghost wreath with different face options. Currently, I have the word "face" with all of the options, but I want it to be swatches instead of just showing up as text. That way when people are viewing my collections, it will show the swatches of each face below and they can hover over each one. (I plan to upload individual photos of each face and match them to each face option.)

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Yes, you can create swatch for non-color variant.

For example, if you have a variant called 'Déjà Vu Blue', then name your image deja-vu-blue.png

Other example, if your variant is 'Blue/Gray', then name your image blue-gray.png

Most simple example, if your variant is '1. Trixie', the name your image 1-trixie.png

  1. On the Edit HTML/CSS page, locate and click the Assets folder to reveal its content.

  2. Under the Assets heading, click the Add a new asset link.

  3. Upload your image.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have uploaded all your images.


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@Tejas_Nadpara But "color" is the trigger word that tells the site to use swatches instead of just text. So I'd have to name the variant "face color" which I don't want to do.

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@Colette_Rennier According to another tutorial I saw you can rename the Color Swatch Trigger under Actions -> Edit Language for the theme.