How to delete all pictures at once in product

There is a fix...see my message above.

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I haven’t tried the app but here’s a link to PixPix in the Shopify App Store. Specializing in Shopify Solutions
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thank you for requesting this feature @April1228, It is a basic one but save a lot of time

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Hi Alex,


The workaround is fine to save time, but it is absolutely not a solution. Review systems like Yotpo and assign a particular product id to a review, when an email is sent to the customer. Imagine I follow the steps mentioned by you, and a customer receives a review request email in their inbox for a recently deleted item- they will not be able to leave a review.


Besides, existing reviews of a product are non-transferable with such verified review systems.


I sincerely hope Shopify comes out with a solution for this.