How to delete all pictures at once in product

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Hi there,

I am dublicating products and deleting the images subsequently. Now is there a way to delet all in once?


Thank you Sabine.

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Hey, Sabine!

My name is Alex, I'm a guru here at Shopify!

Once you've added images to a product, there isn't a way to delete them in bulk, I'm afraid.  However, if you're seeing that you have to delete a bunch of images due to duplicating products, there's a way to prevent this from becoming an issue!  When the product duplication dialog box opens up, there's a setting that you can uncheck - this will prevent images from being duplicated along with the rest of the product information:

Hope that's helped!  Please feel free to let me know, and you can always give us a call or start a live chat at any time, we're open 24/7 for your convenience and always happy to assist!


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It is ABSOLUTELY SILLY that SHOPIFY doesn't allow this option even in 2018. I have seen threads where folks were begging to get this option in 2013. Very dissappointing considering it is a fairly popular request. How could it not be in SHOPIFY's roadmap even after 5 years of many folks requesting?

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Shopify be like :

"Yes you can. Here is a $15/month plug-in for that !"

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Which Plug-in is this exactly? We are interested in it. Thanks!

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Deleting product photos one at a time and waiting for the loading screen for each one is my new hell... 

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The tip that Alex23 gave can also be used to delete all the photos in a product. Just duplicate the product and deselect the box saying "Duplicate product images". Delete the old product and put pictures you want in the new one. This saves a lot of time because you can add bulk photos.

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Thanks but this is not a really efficient way to delete pictures. If you want to delete most of the picture but not all, there should simply the possibility to press "command" or "Ctrl" or "shift" to select the pictures you want to delete. Please Shopify, work on this - so many merchants are requesting this function for years. Thanks!
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Thanks for that tip.  While not perfect, I was able to use it to fix several of my client's products.   


One tip -- if you use the above you'll probably want to open another window and delete the original product,  Then in the duplicated product go to the SEO section and remove the appended -1 from the URL,
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Yesterday I was using an app PixPix and told them that we needed the ability to bulk delete from within a product. They said that is an easy add and it would be available by the next day. I woke up this morning and they had answered the call! IT WORKS! No more deleting pics one at a time.

Thank You PixPix you all rock!

Lesson: Never miss the opportunity to ask for what you want! Good Day everyone! #enduser