How to delete the /all collection

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I would like to remove the /all collection from shopify because its showing up on google search and that collection is a big mess. 


I tried creating a new collection with the handle /all as seen on another forum but that didnt fix it.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance

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Hi @CardsPlug 

You can not remove /all url, because its generating from shopify and we have not editing for that. You can create your oven collection and that contain link like:


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Hello @CardsPlug,


Jill from Shogun Page Builder here. It is possible to add code into the theme that will prevent specific pages from being indexed by search engines. The "robots" meta tag is a commonly used in SEO for this purpose.


Shopify has this helpful guide on the topic:


Using step 5 of that guide as an example, you could add the following into the head of the theme to suppress the "all" collection:


{% if collection.handle == 'all' %}
<meta name="robots" content="noindex">
{% endif %}

Since Google caches pages for results, the page may not disappear from results as soon as that tag is added. However, once Google re-crawls your store, the "All" collection page should no longer show in Google search.


Hopefully that helps! :)

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