How to design "About Me" page or other pages. Can I transfer a page from a theme?

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I love Shopify, but forever I have been disappointed with their page creation options outside of templates compared to other hosts like Squarespace. I get that I can pay for a designer, but isn't the point of shopify to be able to do almost everything yourself? Anyway, I won't make this a rant.


Basically, I can purchase a theme, but it has 0 impact on new pages I want to create, like an About Me design or informational page. For anything custom, HTML editing skills are required. I want to see if anyone has suggestions on how to maybe transfer a theme page or how to do this myself with little HTML creating knowledge or hiring someone.


Wouldn't it be great if a custom About Me page template or standard template for added pages were included in a $180 theme... More of a suggestion to Shopify staff if anyone reads this. This is the only thing I found that Squarespace beats Shopify hands down without question.


How can I get more customization options for new pages than the current apps and options? It currently has the same page editing capabilities (maybe less) than Gmail when I don't hire a designer.

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Hello Andy

Custom About Me templates can be easily created by yourselves if you have basic understanding of HTML and CSS.


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As far as I know, it's not possible to transfer a page from a theme. But you can design an "about page" layout with a page builder app. I create my about us page with PageFly Page Builders. It's quite flexible with about 25 elements and can create any pages (homepage, product page, about me page...). Here is a few look inside. Hope it helps :D

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I looked at reviews of PageFly and it is hard to gauge quality of this app as it appears that the app owners/fans are stuffing the reviews with multiple 5 star reviews. I say this since all reviews over the same time period award 5 stars and essentially say the same thing, i.e. that app/support is great but without going in to any great detail. Tellingly better insight appears to be given by the 1 or 2 star reviews. Interestingly Shopify does not have a way to flag any reviews as fake. 

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Yes bro you can do it in many ways but it needs that you have to understand some coding like html and css then you will customize any thing like that by your own self i will guide you about where you can learn about this art you can see Outdoortrends here and learn these t5ypes of skills free of cast.