How to get Product Rating and Reviews

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Getting Visitors and sales as well but unable to get product ratings and reviews. Please have a look at the website and give some suggestion how to get them?

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Hey atpiker,


Congratulations on getting visitors and also sales...usually the hardest ;-) If you've got those sorted, it won't be too difficult to start getting more reviews, and as always it's best to start sooner rather than later.


Here's some product review request considerations and topics you might find of interest:


How to write great review request emails

Are you making this mistake when requesting product review requests?

Maximize review collection and make every order count


If you can share some of the following information specifically for your store, we'd be happy to see what tweaks or changes, you may wish to consider:


1. What trigger are you using to send the review request and how many days after? i.e. order placement, paid, shipped?

2. Are you sending an automatic followup request? If so, how many days after the first email?

3. What time of day are you sending the requests?

4. Can you please share the text of your first email request template here, including subject line.

5. What % of your sales include more than one item in the order?



Look forward to seeing how we can help out.


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Hey atpiker,


In addition to what HelpfulPersonabove said, you can use an app I built called ReviewNudge to put asking for reviews on auto-pilot.


All you have to do is set the number of days after Order Fulfillment or Delivery to wait and the app will send a review request email to your customer asking them to leave a review. The email will have all the products they purchased in there so it'll be simple for them to click thru to the product and to leave a review!


Happy to answer any questions you might have!