How to get rid of image's on the product page

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So I purchase and sell domain names, I'm now building my own website to store and sell all my domains in one central point. I have started the ball rolling and I currently use the Motion Theme but my question is as followed.

Question: Is there a way to hide or get rid of the product photos from showing up in the Product Page?

Theme I use: Motion

As shown below I don't have a photo for the domain name just the product title. On the collection page there is no gap or issue with out a photo added, but going to the induvial product and clicking on the domain for sale it still has a space for the photo and then leaves a huge white space that I cant get rid of. So is there a way to eliminate this space in the theme I am using so all it would show is the product title and description. I posted a before and after down below of what I'm looking for if there is anybody who could help.



Shopify help.png 



Shopify help.png



It would require Liquid/CSS/Javascript knowledge to implement this feature, I'm afraid that unfortunately there is no simple copy-paste solution otherwise I'd happily guide you through.

In case you're unfamiliar with these technologies you'll likely want to hire a Shopify developer to assist you.

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