How to handle operations in different countries - retail online store

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I have a .au domain running a shopify store and it's going well. I sell physical product here.

I'm about to start selling in the UK. I own a .com domain (it's the same as the .au domain minus the .au).

Has anyone mucked around with the best way to handle this?

The way I see it there is a few options.

1. Keep the site at domain, and just enable shoppers from UK to shop on the site, auto change currency based on their location, and enable improved shipping rates through shopify.

- Pros: Easy
- Cons: I'm guessing it's not the best for SEO, and people in UK may be hesitant to shop at a store, also I'd have to have one set of inventory for two locations which will be annoying

2. Create a new site the .com domain, do a full copy of the australian store and have a new shopify account

- Pros: Standalone site makes it easy for inventory, shipping, currency
- Cons: Two shopify accouts to manage (and pay for). Doesn't look easy to replicate an entire site (7 steps or something)

3. As above but use a .uk domain

4. Change my current shopify setup to purely be .com, and use some special auto geo locating thing that I don't know about

Any thoughts?

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Hey David_Watts, did you have any luck with this, I am trying the exact same thing, and not quite sure where to turn.

Two sites doesn't sound the worst, and yes double the cost is irritating, but not the end of the world, any ideas?