How to have different variants showed as different products with different URLs

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I am here because i need some help on this. I am from Fitz & Huxley, a backpack brand based in Berlin, and we are transposing our store from wordpress to shopify. 

My question is the following: I would like to have variants, but being on the shop as different products, as it is currently on our website. For now, i have only seen that shopify has the possibility to have one product with different variations, but that is not what i want. I want that when i click on a variant, it is redirecting to another product, and therefore a different URL. See an example here.

Do you know if there is any app/feature from Shopify that proposes this kind of thing? I do not understand how this is possible that i cannot find it. I would prefer not to use any code or whatever, as i am really not an expert in it.

I am using the Flex Theme, by Out of The Sandbox.

Thanks In advance.

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Hey Paul,

With Shopify, all variants are displayed under a single URL. You can have a query string to differentiate between those URLs:

Large -

Extra Large -

... the same product handle is used, stealth-bomber-jacket-navy, but the default selected options change.

You could create 10 similar products and link them altogether from those color swatches, but I think that this would be really hard to maintain and manage.


May I ask why do you need this behavior? 

Finally—Add variant descriptions to your products
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Hi Mircea,

Thank you a lot for this answer. I would like to have this feature for a few reasons:

- First, to improve the permalinks. With the current shopify system, it has this "?variant=..." which i do not find very pretty. I would like to have it as it is currently on our website, like "/solstice-big-macaroon", and when you change the color for example, it would appear as "/solstice-big-grey".

- Secondly, to make all the different variants appearing as different products in the shop, as we have here for example on our current website.

- Thirdly, to make them have different Titles, descriptions, depending on the size, color etc.

- Finally to make them have each a own different gallery of images, depending on the color and size we are choosing.

You are talking about creating different products and linking them all together from color swatches. Do you know how to do it? Because it is how we did for our current website, so it wouldn't be so much a change i guess. If you know the answer, could you explain it to me? That would be great

Thanks in advance for your answer,