How to have multiple images per item variant? (Brooklyn Theme)

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So basically wondering if people choose a certain shirt colour there will display a multiple photos for that shirt colour only?

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Hi Andy,

Alissa here from Shopify, just checking in! 

When you add variant images to your products this will allow the corresponding image to update when you choose the variant from the dropdown. This is why there can only be one variant image option, as it would get confused if there were multiples for each variant. 

However, in saying this, what you can do to display multiple variant images for your product is in the product page, go to the section called images and then click "add image". The images you add here will not be linked to a variant but they will show in the "gallery" of images to look at on that product page. There isn't a way to only show that variants images and not all the products images currently though.

You can also re arrange the order of the images you add, to group them together with the other variant images just by clicking and dragging them around in that images section of the product page. This is all within the products page found in your Admin>Products>All Products.

Feel free to reach out to Shopify Support if you had more questions regarding images on product pages! 

Alissa F | Shopify Guru 

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Hi Alissa,


I'm in the same boat here. I have 2 product colours and have 9-10 shots in each colour. 


I'm basically looking to mimic the functionality of Amazon here. I select a variant and all images change.


Is this available yet?


If not, is it best practice to create two separate products, one for each colour?

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This is a great question! I wish we had an answer as this is causing me stress.  My products page looks so overwhelming, especially with items with ten different colors.

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There are multiple apps in the Shopify app store that can easily do this for you. Search 'variant images'.